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Li-SOCl2 battery can supply long storage lifetime in nominal temperature and can be used over a wide rang of operating temperature.

Our manufacture use global high-end automated production systems, sophisticated analytical instruments imports of raw materials, develop and produce various high performance primary cylindrical lithium battery.



Key Features:

1.Wide range of operating temperature.

2.Offer stable operating voltage and loading voltage platform.

3.Long using lifetime, it can be used above 5~10 years (Depends on working environment).

4.High energy density, It is around 700Wh/Kg which is  3-10 times of other series lithium battery.




Toys, MP3/MP4/MP5, Bluetooth Keyboard, GamePad, Smart Watch, Auto electronics, GPS, Smart phone, Digital products, Tablet PC, E-book, POS machine, PDA DVD, Power bank, , etc. 



Battery Characteristics can change due to improvements in chemistry or special niche requirements.

LiSoCI2 Battery

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