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Transmitter set for remote opening of door locks by Hione.

To operate the relay and the Hione door lock, you must install a radio module.
The radio module needs to be installed in the inside of the lock.

The main meaning of a radio relay is the reception of a wired signal from the connected executing device and its wireless transmission to the lock. As an executing device is usually a door phone.

Principle of operation:
- A radio module is installed in the lock (acts as a wireless signal receiver)
- A door intercom is connected to the radio relay
- When the user presses the Open button on the intercom, the intercom transmits by wire a signal to the radio relay, which in turn sends the wireless signal to the lock.
- The lock accepts this wireless signal and opens.

Compatible with the following locks Hione H-7090SK, H-7000SK, H-5490SK, H-5400SK

Transmitter set

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